We may lose a vital resource

The attention of the whole world is drawn to global warming, the loss of forests, water and much more. But there is another threat that most people don’t even suspect, ScienceAlert writes. If the world continues to ignore it, this could lead to a global catastrophe for future generations.
We are talking about phosphorus, which is the most important building element for living organisms, used in industry and agriculture.
The problem is that phosphorus in nature is not a renewable element. A group of 40 international experts warned that if steps are not taken to preserve this important element, its supply on the planet will run out. A study of scientists published in Environmental Science & Technology.
The phosphorus crisis is becoming a real threat, for which the world is completely unprepared, experts say. There are no international regulatory documents that would limit the excessive mining of minerals.
At current volumes of consumption, known reserves of phosphorus on Earth will be exhausted after 40−80 years, scientists say.

The key to resolving the crisis may be to reduce consumption and find ways to process, the researchers say. But if you build a recirculation system, the same phosphorus can be used up to 46 times, scientists give an example and the problem can be put off. But, as always, there is not enough money for innovators in the field of resource-saving environmental technologies and their scaling. The EcoStart project, which is a global eco-business, empowering the ecosystem, which provides transparency in financing green projects using blockchain technology, can help.
Key competitive advantages of EcoStart project over traditional investment institutions that finance environmental projects:
 Independence and efficiency in raising funds;
 Lack of dependence on government bodies and global financial groups;
 Lack of intermediaries;
 Involvement of all active participants and socially oriented business, including investors with small capital, in solving environmental problems;
 Transparent system to attract and control spending. The results of each project will be publicly available, which will allow investors (charitable organizations, influential investors, small donors) to identify and help scale up environmental projects that are truly effective.

Also, the advantages of the platform Ecostart include:
 Less resource consumption, which is necessary for transactions, protection platform and verification, as the system can fully work on low-power computers and do not require large compute or energy resources. In essence, green technology will be applied. Ecostart blockchain, in contrast to the bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain, which are extremely energy intensive. Billions of calculations absorb computer energy and electricity, often coal-fired and other fossil fuels.

 Creating a community of consumers who will buy goods with proven supply chain. This chain will show the environmentally safe extraction of natural resources by workers in safe conditions, the production of goods on green technologies, the supply of goods through fair trade agreements, and their transportation with low energy costs.

If every technology, every thing will be created using green principles, then our environment will be eternal. And Ecostart will contribute to this process. Start a place with us

Olga Bergen, CEO EcoStart project

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