There will be a flood

Fото: Francois Lenoir / Reuters
An international team of scientists from New Zealand, the Netherlands, Chile and the USA found that sea level rise to 23 meters can occur if the sea part of the Antarctic ice sheet completely melts and if the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere remains at 400 ppm over the next century. Currently, greenhouse gas concentrations are already reaching 415 ppm, according to an article in the journal Nature.
The melting of glaciers is largely caused by human activity, often barbaric, and our duty to take all measures to prevent the catastrophe, or at least move it away. The main problem faced by environmental projects is the Insufficient funding of environmental activities. EcoStart project, which our team is developing with consultant Mauro Andriotto (Andriotto Financial Services is another fundraising tool for financing environmental events. EcoStart ( is not just an investments for profit, but also a decisive step in saving our planet.
Join us. Earth is your home too.
Olga Bergen,
CEO project EcoStart

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